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March 22, 2011

It is now time for an email from the malcontent computer named Mal. The voice recognition program will not work at this time, so get ready for keyboard tyranny. That also means that you can get ready for some unusual spellings, so hang in there.

The one thing that seems to be taught each day is how quickly life can change and all the things we have considered important can be gone in one tick of the clock. It seems that the search for meaning is never a completed task but is one that moves and changes position often, leaving us to reacquire the signal on our life positioning receiver and reacquiring its signal.

I was reminded by some events this week. In the last three months, I have been remembering some things that regained my attention. By some quirk three of us in our graduating class in high school ended up in an unusual place. Norman went to Notre Dame; Jimmy went to LA Tech; and James went to LSU. And by some quirk of fate we three ended up in the same freshman class of LSU Medical School in NO. Norman and Jimmy stayed and went on to practice medicine. I went to seminary and became a minister. I recently got word that both had passed away. I talked to Jimmy one day and a week later he was gone. Norman recently passed so I seem to be moving up in line. They were a good part of my growing up and I wish their loved ones well. It is quite something how time moves rapidly along; I guess that puts a premium on using time as best we can.

I find myself in pretty deep thought lately. As a minister, I have seen much of death of relationships and of friends and family. The fact that the friend I spoke with just three weeks ago, now rests in that place beyond reach, seems to have affected me more than I first thought. I realize that I have reached that point in life that is much nearer the end than the beginning. I have been giving a lot of thought to what lies beyond the arc of this life. Will we find friends there? Those we have love and lost? In that moment when we leave the mystery from which we came and return to that mystery to which we go after a full life of living, unhampered by broken brain or broken body, to that realm unaffected by time or physics.

These are questions that cannot be answered by education or by taking a bite of the fruit from the tree of knowledge. It is our last lesson, the ultimate unknowable; it is a bridge to be crossed while accompanied by faith and belief. It is the intimate and secluded secret that lies between us and our maker, God. I hope and pray and choose to believe that one day we will find the light and love of that transcendent God and that if peace can be had, those friends, family and loved ones, freed from the furies of this world, are there now. I choose to believe that and hope that there is still room for those of us still waiting in line.

Thanks for your ear and interest. I will send this along now and start another email epistle later on today.




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